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Inside Out

I see a youngster on a bike approach from the rear.  There is an auto very properly turning right.  To do that, he in keeping with the drivers manual merges with the bike lane.  The kid on the bike comes up very fast, as if she wants to provoke a street theatre scene.  She makes as if to pass to the right of the blinking turn indicator; which she of course cannot do; she slows, glowers, then flips off the driver moving on to her right.

You see, they play in their driveways, in the park, just doodling around, and then without any instruction, license, or monitoring they just move on off into traffic.

Don't you hate allegory?  Here comes another.

Here comes such another.  He is on the wrong side of the street.  A lady in an auto is leaving the parking lot of the lumber yard and garden center.  She is turning right, so gazing back to her left, from whence all traffic might be expected.  The dud dude is shaking his head, frowning in disgust.  She doesn't see him, you see.  She doesn't see him, because he shouldn't be there, because he is on the wrong side of the street.

But he is licensed because he is on an eco-friendly vehicle, and she isn't, and he also is allowed a proper level of booster contempt because the driver of the auto is on her mobile phone all during the incident.

They play around, and then they move into traffic, without any instruction, training, or license.

Do you have a Myspace account?  It's in the news

Young women who too too recently were little girls are expressing themselves online as if they were still in their own private bedrooms with friends.  Then they move into traffic, and out on that highway the drivers can be a gross, sickly sort of depraved. is now owned by the rancid right media mogul Murdoch, who offers for our dereliction Faux News, the bunch of bush league bootlickers.  He is pressing the online community for more profit.  It's a particularly favorable proposition:  the users develop the content, and Murdoch has all the data on every user to sell to advertisers.  

You say there's an old guy hanging around your schoolyard?  You should beware.  It may be Murdoch ...


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